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EGU- European Geosciences Union

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is the leading organisation for Earth, planetary and space science research in Europe.

The annual EGU General Assembly is the largest and most prominent European geosciences event, attracting over 16,000 scientists from all over the world in the year 2019. The meeting’s sessions cover a wide range of topics, including atmosphere, climate, as well as energy and resources.

MOPRAM will partecipate to the conference with two different oral contributes:

  • “Calculating the hydrological response of a mountain catchment using conventional and unconventional (CML) rainfall observations: the case study of Mallero catchment “, speaker: Greta Cazzaniga
  • “Rainfall estimate using Commercial Microwave Links (CML): firstoutcomes of the MOPRAM project”, speaker: Roberto Nebuloni.


The use of CML’s measurements as opportunistic rainfall sensors is a new methodology currently studied and applied by various research groups from all over the world.

Last year that community met for the first time in Garmisch: we spent a beautiful and useful week knowing each other, sharing the results of the researches and comparing the different techniques and algorithms (see our article there).

We are glad to announce that this year this newborn community will meet again in Tel Aviv University for a Conference meeting on Cellular Environmental Monitoring with researchers and stakeholders.

Mopram will partecipate with an oral contribution showing the results of hydrological modelling with real data CML’s measurement:

  • “Hydrological application of opportunistic rainfall observations by CMLs in a mountain catchment: firstoutcomes of the MOPRAM project”, speaker: Cristina Deidda.